how to make my website appear on Google Search?: search engine optimization SEO

how to make my website appear on Google Search?: search engine optimization SEO

Is my site not showing up in first Google search results pages?

check if my site has been crawled and indexed in Google by searching for its exact URL or domain name with no other words (ex:

If my site is not appearing in Google search results, or it’s performing more poorly than it once did, check your sites search performance in Google.

How to Test Googles Search Index

Why the first page in Google Search Matters

The vast majority of people don’t search in pages 2,3,4…. They check only on the first page of search results. According to a Chitika study, the top listing in Google’s organic search results gets 34% of the traffic, compared to 16% for the second position, and the traffic only degrades from there.

Well it’s not enough for my site to just be indexed by search engines like GoogleBing, and Yahoo, Duckduckgo

So Why My Website Don’t Rank in Top Of Search Results

Google is a Robot that learns every day like Human. So Here are some factors may be preventing my site from appearing in Google search results:

  1. Google has not indexed my website link yet (still new, or not submitted yet)
  2. My website isn’t optimized for search engine crawling (website search optimization)
  3. the keywords used in website very competitive
  4. My website has “no index” tags
  5. My website has been penalized and restricted from Google

her are common reasons (detailed) why My website (WordPressWix, and Squarespace) is not ranking top, and how to show up on Google search results:

1. Google has not stored any information about my website yet

Usually, it can take 6 days to 15 days or more for a search engine to update search results. This is maybe because my website is new and does not have any backlinks (inbound links).


First of All, open an account on Google webmaster tools. When you register, try to point Google to your website structure by adding a sitemap.xml URL (how), then you can request re-visit (to re-crawl your URLs). However, there are so many requests that the feature doesn’t always work immediately (especially if you have a new or large site). For Bing and Yahoo webmaster tools

If you don’t want to create a Google Webmaster Tools account, try this link to add your URL to google:

Google doesn’t add all submitted websites to their index, and they don’t have any manual control to index URLs. So there is no predictions or guarantees about when, or if submitted URLs will appear in their index, or not. But if your new website is crawled, it usually takes another 6 days to 15 days for it to be stored in their index.

2. My domain name just bought (too new)

Did you just opened and launched your new website? Normally it will take up to 25 Days to start showing up in search engine results. While we can accelerate the process of getting things online quickly, search engine indexes can be rather slow. So sit tight, wait and learn more about search engine algorithms before you get too nervous.

3. My website has “no index” Tags

You have the ability to prevent search engines not indexing your website or just specific pages by adding some custom codes. If you or someone who designed your site added those codes that would explain why it’s not appearing in search results.

4. My website is not ready for search engine crawling (doesn’t say Welcome in front of Google and its Siblings)

Once you submit your website to a search engine, a virtual robot is sent to your site to crawl it for content. These robots don’t view your website as a regular visitor would; they scan your site for meta content, Keyword Density, relevant content, and many other factors.

Therefore, you need to consider what content search engines actually see on your Web pages.

5. My keyword industry is very competitive

Search engines help thousands of millions of users across the world visit the internet and find specific content amid the billions of files and content.

Make sure you are targeting a less competitive keyword industry, so you can gain the attention of your consumers.

6. Not all keywords have the some competitivity

It’s easy to rank quickly for irrelevant keywords in search engines. It’s hard to rank for keywords that are profitable for your business.

The difficulty is two-fold:

1.Determining the most profitable keyword for your business

  1. Having the knowledge to move you to TO THE TOP OF PAGE 1 IN GOOGLE ranking.

7. MY Website has been Deleted from Google

Google may temporarily or permanently delete sites from its index and search results if it believes it is obligated to do so by law if the links do not meet Google’s quality guidelines, or for other bad factors, such as if the sites detract from users’ ability to locate relevant information.

Here are the different ways Google may hide your site from search results:

  • Deindexed –When your domain is completely Deleted from Google. (aka Banned.)
  • Penalized –When your website or page URL still exists but none of your URLs can be found through very direct search queries. This penalty can be automatic through the Google algorithm or manually applied by a Google Quality Engineer.
  • Sandboxed –Your website or page wasn’t Deindexed or Penalized, but the traffic you were getting from Google suddenly drops suddenly.

If your Website is blocked from our index because it violates our quality guidelines, Google may alert you about this using Search Console.

when you receive a notification that your website violates our quality guidelines, you should modify your website content so that it meets these guidelines, then submit your site for reconsideration.

I am blocking search engines from crawling my website

As example WordPress comes with a built-in feature that allows us to instruct search engines not to index your site. This feature is automatically disabled when you launch a new WordPress website. So if you want manually enable it. All you need to do is visit Settings » Reading and check the box next to Search Engine Visibility option.

How to Make my Website URLs To Show Up on Google

I wanna make my website to rank on the top of the first page (which typically has 10 website listings). Depending on your business, you will need to USE search engine optimization and SEO strategies to improve your ranking.

1. Conduct a thorough SEO audit

To be sure that you will get greater success in the future now is the time to conduct an SEO audit of your website. This will give you a clear view of where you level in regards to:

  • On-site optimizations
  • Off-site optimizations
  • Keywords selection

And that is just the start. Learn how to do a manual audit here:

2. Use keywords in my website content

Keywords can be a single word or a short phrase of up to four or five words (Long tail keywords). These should be terms that are relevant to your site and which people are likely to use when they search Google.

Of course, they need to be relevant to what your website is about.

3. Use meta-tags to add more keyword

Meta-tags are hidden code — visitors to your website don’t see them, but the Google search engine “bots” that scan your site will pick them up. (Read about Keyword Density or keyword Saturation that may affect negatively your ranking)

You can add these meta-tags to your site yourself if you have a web design program or if you know how to do HTML coding.

4. Search for keywords that aren’t overly competitive

We suggest you use Google’s free Keyword Planner to figure this out.

This Google keyword research tool lets you measure the popularity of specific search terms, as well as the level of competition you may face by using them.

Highly competitive keywords can have tens of thousands of websites fighting over them, so you are less likely to wind up on page 1 of Google if you pick these.

5. dirBlastek ou Daber 3la backlinks

Websites that contain links back to your site: (inbound links) A big factor for search engines is quality organic backlinks. It’s what search engines are ranking higher.

If you have a big number of web pages linking back to your website, Google gives your page higher credibility and search ranking.

(el wasita nta okamartek  ach sawya) if you don’t understand Nevermind

6. Create a listing for my website on Google My Business

This TIP is for brick and mortar businesses with physical locations.

Google My Business links your WEBsite to a Map listing, so when someone looks for your business or search typing keywords linked to your business, they will find a Google map listing and can click through to your website for more information.

7. Have quality and quantity content that is relevant to your business

Use articles or other content that is specific to the products and services you are providing. Don’t use fillers that is only time wasting.

Google’s robots rank websites with Rich, Original, Natural, relevant content more highly than those with content repeated, auto-generated, or random, copied from elsewhere.

Finally: SEO Surprise

Once you’ve optimized your website to get to that crucial 1St page of Google, you can’t stop here, SEO always needs to be managed.

As soon as you’ve climbed to page 1 on ranking, your competitors will be after you with their own SEO strategies, seeking to knock you off from the top.

the net is changing your customers might start searching with different keywords.

The bottom line: Your website will need continual SEO review to maintain your search engine ranking.


It’s very crucial for business owners, with blogger, WordPress, Squarespace and Wix websites, to learn about SEO, and improve their online presence. In fact, 73% of Americans access the mobile web each day, and that number is on the rise.


Everybody is looking to answer this question How to promote my website on google, and how to register website with Google, or even how to search a site on google, don’t be surprised by some newbie questions, it’s not hard for some of us to make website searchable by auto answering  an obvious asking  how to make my website appear on google, you can find SEO Experts explaining in their blogs how to get your site on google, how to add your website to google and after you become more comfortable with SEO tools and  services, you will change your goals and targets to  how to make a  website appear first in Google how to make your business appear on google, search engine optimization is a business , big companies built to answer all these questions

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